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June 28, 2024
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From Breast Cancer Survivor to Advocate: Heather Salazar and Pink Ribbon Good

In this inspiring and emotional episode of SHE MD, Dr. Thais Aliabadi and Mary Alice Haney host Heather Salazar, a breast cancer survivor and founder of Pink Ribbon Good. Heather shares her personal journey and the life-changing encounter that led to the establishment of Pink Ribbon Good. The discussion touches on the impact of breast cancer on young women, the importance of self-breast exams, genetic testing, adoption, and the comprehensive support her organization offers to women battling breast and gynecological cancers.

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Heather Salazar is the Founder of the grassroots nonprofit organization Pink Ribbon Good. As a breast cancer survivor, Heather knows firsthand what people really need during their cancer battle: support. Through her work with Pink Ribbon Good, Heather makes sure individuals from San Francisco, CA to Buffalo, NY are supported with healthy meals, rides to treatment, house cleaning essentials and a nationwide peer support network – all at no cost. Heather's mantra, “no one travels this road alone,” is the heart of PRG’s mission.

Episode Takeaways

  1. Early Detection Through Self Breast Exams: Regular self-breast exams are crucial for early detection, especially in young women who might not consider themselves at risk.
  2. Genetic Testing for Informed Treatment: Genetic tests look for specific cancer-causing genes that help guide preventive measures and early interventions. Go to Myriad Genetics to get your MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test.
  3. Know Your Breast Cancer Lifetime Risk: Use our Breast Cancer Risk Calculator to estimate your likelihood of developing breast cancer over the course of your life so you can make an action plan.
  4. You Are Not Alone: If you or a loved one is battling breast or gynecological cancer go to pinkribbongood.org to join a peer support group and access other services in your area.